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The Spitsbergen Project
    Pomegranat Forest 2016
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    Red Planting (brood & water)
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Die Profanierungen
Das Unrealisierte Projekt
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Vorratshaltung 2022
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distribution and promise - dağıtım ve sözleşme
May 2011 to June 2013
Public space in Munich and in Istanbul


613 pomegranate trees from the Spitsbergen Project. In Munich and in Istanbul. And you, too, are invited to take charge of a pomegranate tree. People take care of them and become part of the Spitsbergen Project. The Spitsbergen Project is being disseminated. ---> nar. This immediately creates objects. Instant pictures. Objects augment Stockpiling 2022.
In the course of several city distributions the realitaetsbüro searches for allies-from May to September, 2011, in Munich and from September, 2011, in Istanbul. It is in search of guardians to take care of the little pomegranate trees and thus become part of the Spitsbergen Project. This care is based on an indefinite period of time. And the realitaetsbüro may invite tree and guardian to participate later in another part of the Spitsbergen Project. During the distribution process each guardian personally selects his tree and promises to care for it as well as possible. An instant picture seals the promise.
nar. Sofortbilder
During the year 2011 in Munich over 200 pomegranate trees find their guardian. And in Istanbul there are 35 further guardians after the first distribution during the opening of the exhibition Cityscale at Siemens Sanat. In 2012 then we're seeking for a possibility, how the distributions can be continued in Istanbul's public space. We find a hand carriage. And auxiliaries. And so in 2013 other 105 trees can find their guardian in Istanbul. And a forest of pomegranate trees starts to grow, connecting Munich and Istanbul - until the next distribution planned for June 2013 gets cancelled due to Gezi-Park Riots in Istanbul.
  Spitzbergen Projesi. nar. TÜRKCE Basin Bildirisi - turkish press release
In this way The Spitzbergen Project. nar. is continuing a process which began in September 2010 with Pomegranates (The Vanguard) being invited to the artistic exchange project "CITYSCALE - München / Istanbul". 613 pomegranates were peeled and boiled down and from each of them one seed remained. Since Red Planting (brood & water) pomegranate trees are growing out of these seeds. nar. distributes these trees with care into the city.
nar. Istanbul
Thanks to / Çok teşekkür ederim
Erdoğan Altındış, Dr. Cornelia Oßwald-Hoffmann, Hasan Cobdak, Billur Karabenli, Erke Tiryakioğlu, Serpil Bakar and to Seçil Yaylalı, Elif Bursalı and Zeynep Okyay from PASAJist.
Supported by City of Munich Department for Arts and Culture.