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Seedbank of Love & Stories
Dú Thuama Post Office . Doohoma, Ballina, Co. Mayo . Ireland

When I discovered the front section of the Dú Thuama / Doohoma Post Office in County Mayo at the west coast of Ireland, it spoke to me of an almost forgotten place. This Post Office has been a great hub in which the stories of families and loved ones around the world come together by people sharing through everyday chats. It is like a centre point for the stories of the world.
This is how the Seedbank of Love & Stories began. Based on this history, stories are now coming together, but this time on sheets of paper and are being stored here. As such, the stories can then be remembered and made visible and resonate with other people’s stories around the world. The Seedbank of Love & Stories will become a place of exchange for stories, there in the Doohoma Post Office.
More information on Seedbank of Love & Stories's project page:

Seedbank of Love & Stories is realized in collaboration with Doris Affeldt, Doohoma.
The startup for this project has been financed by a bursary for Fine Arts by the County Capital Munich, Germany.