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Vorratshaltung 2022
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The Crow Tree
un-realised space transport

One willow tree and 6 plant beds are the heartpiece of a (now destroyed) place along the construction embankment Munich central station-Pasing that stretches out along the Birketweg. In January 2007, this willow tree is being torn out due to the demolishion work. The project The Crowtree (Der Krähenbaum) recognizes the site as a large-scale „sculpture“ which can be transported to a different destination. Tangibly transportable are the crow tree and the plant beds. Further characteristics are perceived at and provided by the final destination.
Possible implementations and proposals
realitaetsbüro identifies Munich's wholesale market as potential landing site for the space transport. In March 2007, it files the 1st motion for space transport. The motion is being rejected. Further deliberation suggests to transport only the "sculpture" of tree and plant beds (and not the whole place) to the newly developed area along the Birketweg. In January 2008, realitaetsbüro files this2nd motion for space transport with the city of Munich's building directorate. This motion is being rejected as well, this time on the grounds that there is no call for art-in-architecture projects for this area. In August 2008, realitaetsbüro evacuates the Crow Tree from the terrain and re-plants it on a site away from bureaucratic influence.