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Good Location - or: The Companions
A collection in two chambers
Exhibition Sendegebiet 155 - Transmission Area 155 by German professional organisation of visual artists registered regional association Bavaria
January 28th - March 10th 2010
IVG Office Building . Landsberger Str. 155 . 80687 Munich
t the occasion of the event "Sendegebiet 155" (Transmission Area 155) realitaetsbüro opnes its archive and shows a documentation concerning the Good Location in this site. In the temporaryly used office site comes together a selection of past, present and remnant objects out of the areas along the road "Landsberger Strasse", going from Munich central station to Pasing. The work is installed in the office room "Lager Promotion Team" ("Storage Promotion Team"), which with it is divided into two rooms.
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--> The First Chamber
--> The Second Chamber
Good Location is working exclusively with found objects and documentations out of places in the reconstructed railway site Munich Central Station - Pasing (2004-2008, The First Chamber), survivors of the demolition work (moss, 2008, The Second Chamber), and buildings materials bought in the do-it-yourself store next to the IVG Office Building.
The invitation into a builing in Landsberger Straße calls realitaetsbüro back into the areas of the reconstructed railway site, it has been working with realizing the l_st playground projects and which it had to leave 18 months before. The work Good Location - or: The Companions as well as the special event The Stripe with Hajo Bahner mark l_st playground projects' last station for now.